21 January 2012

Muses & Amusements

Restaurant reportage... A lowbrow twist on Italian interiors (with great meatball subs).

Afternoon light in my home sliced with shadows of vertical and horizontal blinds.

Gorgeous and youthful Rock Hudson, Paula Prentiss and Maria Perschy.  
This week I had my first viewing of "Man's Favorite Sport" from 1964, which had all the campy charm, madcap mayhem and colorful coquettishness of his troika of films with Doris Day.  I couldn't help but wonder how heroic, dashing, vibrant and completely desirable he must have seemed to movie-going women (and men) of this time period.

A Christmas gift from the 1950s (by way of my pal Steve) installed in my bathroom. 

Madonna dodges catty bitchness from Elton John (and wins a Golden Globe).

A treasure chest of vintage toys... Thoroughly explored and photographed.

Colorful moments and enjoyable conversation over dinner with Scott.

Moments where warm sunlight fills windows and pierces the deep January cold.

Re-filtered and re-imagined Instagram shots from a 2010 Goldfrapp show.

Lady Gaga claims her throne in the kingdom of Pop Royalty (and enthralls me) with The Monster Ball DVD.