14 January 2012

An Evening With Sandra Bernhard

Had a great time continuing to celebrate my 39th birthday weekend with the one and only Miss Sandra Bernhard at the Painted Bride Arts Center in Philadelphia.  As usual, Sandra served up her usual cocktail of laughs, music (with a tight three-piece band) and searing, insightful "take no prisoners" pop culture commentary.  

BONUS: The encore was a lip-smacking, booty shaking medley of "Pumped Up Kicks / Janie's Got A Gun".  
For this number, Miss Bernhard emerged from the wings doing showgirl high-kicks in a tight white t-shirt, fedora and black panties with sheer leggings and high heels.  

56 years ageless with completely fresh and fearless energy. She STILL walks it and talks it like no other.

ABOVE: The beautiful illuminated junk chandelier in the lobby of the Painted Bride Arts Center.

I had a great time enjoying the energy of Miss Bernhard, a unique venue and the added bonus of getting to enjoy the company of a new friend.  Post-show, on his suggestion, we had some drinks and great conversation amid the gritty, divey, loud and down-home Philly funk of Dirty Frank's... whose jukebox is amazing, by the way.

Yes, the ceiling really is this color. Oh, those poor paper snowflakes... Good times, good times.