21 January 2012

1968 Cinema Memorabilia: The Swimmer

Newly arrived in the mail this afternoon...  A cool eBay purchase.  Lobby card (size 11" x 14") showing a production still from the 1968 Burt Lancaster film The Swimmer.  Filmed in the Summer of 1966 and based on a John Cheever novel (which I have, but have not yet read) it wasn't released until 1968.  

The film is an oddball favorite of mine... A bit of an expensive rarity to find on DVD, but one that I've watched over and over again.  Upon seeing it for the first time, I was drawn to its dark tone, sweeping orchestral score (which I have on vinyl) and story of a man who decides to swim across his affluent Connecticut county by going pool to pool through the backyards of friends, acquaintances and (as it turns out) some folks who are less than pleased to see him.