10 September 2011

Vinyl Therapy: Moby "Play" (1999)

I think I'm ready to enjoy this again...

Like almost every other twenty-something oxygen-breathing mammal in 1999, I bought this album on CD, enjoyed it and then proceeded to hear EVERY SINGLE TRACK on commercials for everything from computers to cars.  Needless to say, the sonic wallpaper that this techno-pop gem provided began to rankle and annoy (rather than beguile and captivate) and the CD ended up getting handed off to someone else.  Twelve years later I encountered it on a VINYL import pressing (of all things) at a Goodwill Store in Matawan, NJ for a measly buck ninety-nine.  I was immediately won over by the ridiculously cheap price and availability of the LP on a rare format.  My guess is that it was bought in NYC at Rebel Rebel (or the like) by a New Jersey DJ and then donated (in very good condition, I might add) some time later.