02 September 2011

An Evening With Stevie Nicks

Stevie's show was a fantastic meeting of new songs from "In Your Dreams" and her classics... a
broader and even more powerful set than her (also quite fantastic) Summer 2010 Atlantic City show.
A perfectly cool September night under the dome with (as pictured below) Kristen, Steve and Scott.

Not pictured here, however, are my folks, whose 40th Anniversary we were celebrating on this night.
As I had hoped they would, they thoroughly enjoyed the show and were transfixed by the magic and seemingly ageless energy of Ms. Nicks.  This was a full circle moment, since it was their vinyl copy of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours that introduced me to Stevie's voice (as well as her world of capes, shawls and high heeled boots) as a child in 1977.

Two hour pre-show Instagram... It wouldn't take long for this place to become packed.