17 September 2011

B - L - O - N - D - I - E ! ! !

Another great night out... Another great Blondie show.
Music Box at the Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa.  Atlantic City, New Jersey.  16 September 2011.

Blondie played a tight set of classics peppered with eight songs from their new album "Panic Of Girls".  The new songs were played with a furious punch that only subsided for one of the album's key tracks: a darkly sentimental heartbreak ballad "China Shoes", which created something of an "eye in the storm" at the center of the set.  The entire show packed a freshness and intensity that underscored their intent to remain a current, modern band that remains creative and vital nearly 40 years after their initial inception.  Bravo to ALL... and, of course, a hearty round of praise to Debbie Harry, who only became more focused, hyperkinetic (and undressed) as the show progressed.  Young upstarts and newly-established buzz bands take note:  THIS is where you want to be many years from now.