14 February 2011

1967-1968: Of Saints, Skates & Seances

My mother and some friends in my grandparents' basement rec room... They look pretty jovial for a bunch of kids holding a seance.  Is it bad fashion to practice The Dark Arts in taffeta?

BELOW: My grandmother Joan Nelsen slicing a Valentine's Day cake in a red dress.

BELOW: Festive and fetching party-goers from my Mom's Saint Joseph Hill Academy Winter Formal.  Again, the scene is my grandparents' basement.  Note how relaxed, yet demure the ladies are.

 Hey there, Ginger Man... Who are you?  We'd like to know.

My Aunt Susan and a friend skating on the de facto ice rink created within the fenced and sunken area where the family's backyard pool was installed each summer.  

My Mom (age 16) dressed for a (Spring formal?) school dance.

BELOW:  Images from either a Graduation or a Confirmation party for my Uncle Kevin:

While the above party happened (once again) in my grandparents' basement, the only proper venue  
for Christmas morning festivities was the living room:

 Parting Glance:  A really beautiful shot of my Mom dressed for the Winter Formal with some guy who is DEFINITELY not my Dad.