11 February 2011

1960s Staten Island: Altar Boys, Bishops & Scouts

The above images are from the large collection of my grandparents' 35MM film slides that I recently scanned.  They depict a parade on Victory Boulevard in Staten Island, New York outside of Saint Theresa's Catholic Church.  Based on the sheath of slides that it was housed with, I am guessing the date to be approximately 1966.  It seems my Uncle Kevin (last image, 5th boy from the right... blonde looking up at the camera) was an altar boy.  Given the fact that he was a complete hellion, I find this detail rather amusing.  Nonetheless, also we have young ladies in scouting and Elementary School uniforms from that parish's school (which none of my aunts or uncles attended).  I'm not entirely sure why the scouts and the robed candle-snuffers are marching together, but here you have it.  Wait... is that a Bishop on a horse-drawn carriage?  This whole scene is just a hair creepy.