17 February 2011

1966: Champagne, Mermaids & Granny Panties

The above and below images are more digital scans of 35mm slides from the family archives.  The event is what I suppose passes for either a backyard baby (or perhaps wedding) shower for my Cousin Lois.  The setting is my grandparents' backyard in Staten Island.  I think I'm a little bit in love with this campy image of Lois faux-modeling these granny panties.  The fact that it was done in such close proximity to potato chips and what is probably a dish of pierogies makes it even more hilarious, bawdy and cute (much like Lois herself).  It's interesting to note that the guy on the left of this oh-so-coquettish frame was a priest and the lady on the right was my great great Aunt Fannie.

As you can see, back then, old people were O-L-D.  Here's Exhibit A:

BELOW:  On the right, we have the kind face of my great grandmother Mae Costello, or "Granny", as I knew her.  She was 67 years old when this was taken and would live to be 81.  Luckily, she was a daily fixture in my world for 8 years and she was every bit as sweet as her face suggests.

By the time I came along, Nanny and Pop had a much more elaborate pool and deck.  Their redwood lawn furniture had weathered considerably and was relegated to their large back porch, but it was still comfortable.  The green midcentury chair seen in the center had been cast off to the (once grand) finished basement as well.  It's cool vinyl surface was a favorite spot for looking through copies of Family Circle and Good Housekeeping from the 1950s and 60s, many copies of which were later scooped up by yours truly, clipped and assimilated into my vintage reference vault.  

So, ummm... Lois is having a Schaefer.  Did pregnant women have the occasional beer back then?

I'm really impressed by the elegance of the ladies in pearls and sweaters... at a barbecue.

I'd like to pretend that this can-can line dance (which occured in my grandparents' basement rec room) was the after hours jam that followed the barbecue above... but it most likely wasn't.

Lois, the new bride, exits Saint Theresa's Church on Victory Boulevard in Staten Island.  

My cousin Bernadette, the flower girl... lovely at age six.

Lois and her new husband Carl... The picture of love and contentment.
These are a very special batch of photos within a much larger collection, further underscoring how important it was for me to protect the legacy recorded in these images. 

BELOW: My mother, Aunt Susan, Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin on a tractor.  This unmarked image was with a batch of Florida vacation slides, but I'm unsure exactly WHERE this tractor was.

A tandem cycle (above) and a Mermaid Show at Marineland (below).

ABOVE and BELOW: Images from a space capsule model at Cape Canaveral, Florida. 

 The Nelsen Children say hello in front of my grandparents' Todt Hill home on 95 Browning Avenue.

The Nelsen Children wave goodbye on an amusement park caboose.