17 September 2010

We Go Way Back: Dionne & Me

Only in the past ten years have I begun to collect and really listen to the 1960s pop music masterpieces that were orchestrated around the honey-smooth voice of Miss Dionne Warwick.  Upon beginning to do so, however, I realized that her voice had been a part of my backdrop for a long time.  Since childhood, though I couldn't really name it, there was a particular voice that always grabbed my attention over the AM and FM stations that my grandparents listened to.  It was nothing like the rest of my growing pop-rock-punk-funk-R&B-alternative sensibilities, but it felt immediately welcoming, familiar, wise and (oddly) lighter than air.
I am glad to report that from these black vinyl platters, it sounds richer than ever to my seasoned ears.
 Thank you, Dionne... Then, now and always.