11 September 2010

Vinyl Therapy: 1990 - 2010

A few recent brand new vinyl purchases as well as some older pieces from the 1990s.

The Jane's Addiction "Ritual De Lo Habitual" LP is still sealed.  Oddly, this is an album that I originally bought on cassette (in the summer of 1990) and later on CD several times... I just kept misplacing my copies of it.  Last year, I was lucky enough to find an un-spun vintage copy that was still in its shrink wrap and I'm saving the breaking of that seal for a special occasion.

The Kristin Hersh EP was autographed (and drawn on) by the lovely Miss Hersh herself when I met her at an NYC in-store performance and appearance in 1998.  Her remark about the rare disc (when I placed it in front of her) was "Where did you get this?"  When I told her I had bought it at Rebel Rebel Records on Bleecker several years before, she said, "Wow... Thank you for having it!"

No, no, no, no... Thank YOU!