05 September 2010

Memento Mori: Hereford Mennonite Cemetery

After driving by dozens of times, I finally decided to take a quiet stroll through the back gate of this modest, yet rich-with-history cemetery.  True to the customs of the Mennonite culture, the stones themselves are not overly decorative, yet carry a deep, prideful integrity.  My omnipresent pal Steve noted (as did I) that the proximity to tall, foreboding oak trees and a red brick church (as well as the large number of crooked stones) makes this is the quintessential "movie cemetery" for foggy nights, full moons and frights.  Even the very pitch of the hillside that this scene (and its deceased population) rests upon spells out Spectre Cinema at its finest.  
Route 100.  Hereford, Pennsylvania:  3 September 2010.