02 August 2010

We Go Way Back: Mitch & Me


 In Memoriam: Mitch Miller (1911 - 2010): Columbia Records Executive, Orchestra Conductor and Recording Artist.  Upon learning of his death from my friend Steve (who knew I kept a stash of my grandparents' 1961 - 1964 "Sing Along With Mitch" records) I decided to share these classic, crisp and spritely-designed sleeves.  Each LP was a gatefold which contained perforated pages of lyrics to be passed around to party guests.  Even as late as the mid-to-late 70s, people in my family would play one  of these discs for a laugh, causing EVERYONE in the house to sing "Finiculi, Finicula" at the TOP of their lungs.  Upon looking at these records today, I realized that none of the perforated lyric sheets were  removed.  Perhaps this had to do with the fact that after a few drinks, lyrical accuracy is not exactly a virtue.  Regardless, I'd like to say thanks for the sing-alongs and laughs, Mitch... Now you sing with angels.