03 August 2010

My First Vintage Book: Dick And Dot (1935)

One Happy Year With Dick And Dot.  Written by The Sisters Of Saint Joseph.
Illustrated by Marion and Doris Henderson.  Published by MacMillan New York in 1935. 

This was the very first book that gave me a clear understanding of the passage of time and the things that remain.  I was a first grader at Saint Joseph Hill Academy in Staten Island.  My classmates and I had been led to the small, low-ceilinged library in the basment of the Holy Infancy Building, also known as The Bungalow.  We were given a selection of books to take with us and this was the one I chose.  Though I'm not sure if we were told to return them or keep them, this one somehow ended up at home with me.  

It was with THIS book that a lifelong lover and collector of all things vintage was born.