12 August 2010

Vintage Art & Graphics: 1970s Copy Art

Richard Santino, 1974

Herbert Edwards, 1976

Buster Cleveland, 1977

Dina Dar, 1977

Jack Kaminsky, 1977

Jeffrey Schrier, 1977

Patrick Firpo, 1977

Jill Lynne, 1977

Rick, Ron and Stephen Globus, 1977

Images from the 1978 book Copy Art by Patrick Firpo, Lester Alexander, Claudia Katayanagi and Steve Ditlea which explored the creative possibilities of using the color copier to make art and graphics.  At the time, this was cutting edge technology, resulting in many amazing images.

A patented by-product of the color copy process created the installation mural seen in the last photo, which was installed in the cinema at my alma mater (Parsons School of Design in NYC) until a recent remodel in the late 2000s.