20 July 2010

We Go Way Back: Siouxsie & Me

Few artists have held my attention in the way that Siouxsie Sioux has. Whether with The Banshees, The Creatures or as a solo act, her performance dynamics, musical stylings and visual impact always entranced me. My first vision of her was at age 12, when she appeared as a somewhat grainy, yet colorful figure with rhinestone-encrusted eyelids on a UHF music channel. It was the Summer of 1985. Shortly thereafter, I started actively seeking her presence on any and all records, cassettes and Star Hits magazine clippings.

Having seen her live many times over the years, I can safely say that ANY audience with Ms. Sioux is unforgettable. None were as memorable, though, as the evening in 1999 when my friend Bruce and I spoke to her outside the stage door of New York City's Irving Plaza. Suffice it to say that THAT conversation (complete with jokes, hugs and someone flipping someone the middle finger) only further cemented her status with me as A Forever Fave.  Ageless, sharp, commanding and alluring: On record and in person. I could go on and on, but I will leave it at THIS: Thanks for being the real deal, Siouxsie. They don't make them like you anymore.   (IMAGES: Vinyl & autographed tour programme from my collection.)