21 July 2010

At My Table

This is the table at which I have done much of my artwork for the last 25 years.  It was bought for me by my parents at Pearl Paint and has been in my life ever since: middle school, high school, college and beyond.  It's usually covered with a large, stark white piece of unprimed cotton duck canvas (yes, it's for aesthetic reasons) but whenever I remove the canvas drape, this is what I see.  I'm often taken aback by the amount of scratches, slashes, splatters and smudges (click for a closer look) when I expose the surface to work on something particularly messy.  At times, I've wanted to put it in storage in favor of a more attractive table or desk, but something always keeps me from doing so.  That "something" has been the voice of a friend and at other times, it's been my own conscience.  That said, it was time to feature this surface here.  It's quite special and has been witness (and host) to many great things.