06 July 2010

Mysterious Motherlode

Earlier today, despite the intense heat, I felt compelled to take a trip to the nearby Salvation Army store (despite having been there very recently). Once there, it didn't take me long to realize that my record radar is as sharp as ever. Almost immediately, I spotted two boxes of records that were not there the other day... In fact, they were newly planted on the floor in front of all the other crates of vinyl. One look inside and I was HOME. I found not only a ton of great things that I did not yet have on LP, but many things to give my friends Billy and Kelly.

1.) A totally fake Morrissey autograph on a Smiths 12" single sleeve which (oddly enough) had a VERY rare Madonna shaped picture disc inside.
2.) An extra copy of Patti Smith's 1977 "Wave" LP, which I decided to grab for my aforementioned friends. Only upon cleaning the records at home did I realize that the lyric booklet bore Patti's own unmistakable signature in china marker. (Yes, I'm giving it to them.)