21 August 2019

Beck, Cage The Elephant & Spoon - Night Running Tour (20 August 2019)

Last night I saw Beck, Cage The Elephant 
and Spoon on the Night Running Tour.
I've been a regular concert goer for over 30
years and I have never seen a traveling carnival
of energy and uproarious good times quite like this.

Spoon began the triple-bill show
with a straightforward set of rock songs
that delivered on every level.

Soon after it was time for Cage The Elephant.
I've always enjoyed them on record but I had
no idea what I was in for with their live show.

Frontman Matt Shultz engaged
the crowd on every level and actually 
spent quite a bit of time standing in it.

Volcanic would be a good way to describe their show.

Then it was time for Beck...

I had the pleasure of seeing Beck with Jenny Lewis
last year at Madison Square Garden. While that was
a fantastic show, this one was over the top in terms of 
audience participation and overall vibe. Partly because
the hyperkinetic Matt Shultz of Cage The Elephant
joined Beck and his band onstage at the end of the show.

Thanks, Beck...
You showed me yet another great night of live
music which included a great cast of characters.

All of the bands exceeded expectations and 
it was great to get a chance to meet up with my 
Instagram / Facebook friend (and fellow music lover)
John before the show and in between the sets.