22 July 2019

From Sketch To Finish - Vaudelesque Three: Gotham (2019)

The following images exhibit
Vaudelesque Three: Gotham
from its initial pencil drawing through
every stage of development to completion. 

Initial compositional drawing on board

Form and volume development in pencil

Development of buildings and spatial areas

Overall image of the completed pencil drawing.

Details of the completed pencil drawing

Initial application of flesh tone watercolor

Development of costumes and backgrounds

Detail shots of varied stages of development...

Further development of 
background spaces and floating objects

Wide shot of phase one

Wide shot of phase two

Wide shot of phase three

And the completed work in full...

Christian Montone
Vaudelesque Three: Gotham 
Completed - 22 July 2019
19" X 29" Watercolor and pencil on board