29 July 2019

Blondie & Elvis Costello Live - 27 July 2019

Blondie and Elvis Costello & The Imposters
brought their double-headliner tour to Camden, NJ.

Blondie never disappoints and on this night 
they sounded especially fiery. Debbie's vocals 
were the best I've heard them in years, particularly
her upper register. This may have even been one of my 
all time favorite live experiences with Ms. Harry & Co.

I've been an Elvis Costello fan for years but I had
never seen him do a full show with his own band. I had only 
ever seen him perform as a special guest with Debbie Harry And 
The Jazz Passengers, oddly enough... and that was back in 1997.

After seeing Elvis & Co. perform a full set, all
I can say is I hope to get to repeat the experience
again soon. I didn't expect to dance as much as I did.

Not only is Elvis Costello one of the coolest cats on the face of
the Earth, his band The Imposters is KILLER. One of Elvis' singers 
(Briana D. Lee) was my dance partner for the evening, sending me 
smiles and joy throughout the show as I clapped, sang along and
 mirrored her steps. At the show's end, she blew me a sweet kiss. 

The next day, through the magic of Twitter and Instagram, I
was able to connect with my dance partner (Twitter: @brianadlee) 
as well as another fantastic singer and performer in Mister
Costello's band, the magical Kitten Kuroi (Twitter: @KittenKuroi).
Please keep your eye on both of these wonderful talents, my friends.

BONUS: My friend Steve and I met Ben Mankewicz
  from Turner Classic Movies (my favorite television channel) 
before the show. We were pleased (but not shocked) to learn 
that he is every bit the class act he appears to be on screen. 
Thanks for helping to bring classic cinema to life for so many
and for being such a nice guy, Mr. Mankewicz. You rock!

Thank you Elvis Costello and as ALWAYS, thank you Blondie!