14 March 2019

Drive-By. Fly-By. Stop-By.

Another cycle 
of an ever-changing
shift from winter into spring.

RIP Mark Hollis of Talk Talk.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
absolutely crushed it on the Oscars.

Here's my Oscar and a 
sweet mug my cousin Amanda gave me.

RIP to Andy Anderson of The Cure.

Work remains work.

Winter remains winter.

Soundtracks on a Saturday.

Better late than never, folks.

RIP to composer Michael LeGrand
who brought us "The Windmills Of Your Mind".

Our band name is Thrift Shop Boys.

I always love running into alumni.
Keep kicking ass, Zarah. Love you, kiddo!

Yes it tasted amazing.

Any old turntable is automatically
500% cooler if there's a Carole King 45 on it.

Happy 73rd birthday Liza Minnelli.

We loves you, Porgy.