03 June 2018

Paths And Skies

I had a recent visit from Chancey, 
who is always a delightful houseguest.

Happy 70th birthday, Grace Jones!

A student and her mother 
gave me roses at the Senior Art Show.

Nature does its thing. I keep doing mine.

I'm outdoors as much as possible, 
taking advantage of all the new season offers.

There's a tiny crescent moon in the upper left (above).

So many explosions of color and life.

No obstacles. Only monuments.

Who rocked it better? Me or the oak?

Memorial Day tributes stand quietly on the roadside.

Happy 70th birthday, Stevie Nicks!

Turntable tunes: old and new.

Water, both moving and still...

Hanging with the folks (and Chancey)...

Does this Roseanne Quilt make me look racist?
Good riddance to hateful rubbish but I'm keeping
this beautiful blanket (crocheted by my friend Steve).

Emergency manicure repair at work.
Call for an appointment. Walk-ins welcome.

Still working steadily on new paintings...

...stopping every so often to 
grab something colorful and kitschy.

More of what's on my turntable

Many more paths to walk and skies to watch.