10 August 2017

Town & Country: Deep Summer Colors

Streets, stores and well-worn paths...

Stacks and mazes of 
books, tapes and treasure/trash.

Roadside dives that always make me laugh...

Skies that make me stop and stare.

This season's geese have flown away.
These were the last images I captured of them.

Everyday color everywhere...

Spectrums in stacks and racks.

A rare vinyl gem that I've wanted 
for a while just became mine thanks to eBay

Woven lairs of vine and reddening leaves.

Local color on branches and shelves...

Chic opening for 
Earth, Wind & Fire
at Madison Square Garden...

Earth, Wind & Fire had all
elements in place for a show that
was pure kinetic energy and musicianship.
Philip Bailey's vocal range is still top notch.

The stage and graphics were designed
in a retro-futuristic fashion, merging lo-fi
sci-fi with nature imagery and band close-ups.
Huge thanks to Lorie for the invite to this show.

"Human Structures" by Jonathan Borofsky

Times Square in rain...

We said goodbye to Glen Campbell this week.

I said hello to some thrift shop kitsch...

Still deep in the summer growth 
and it's something quite magnificent.

A little sun. A little rain.
It all balances itself out.