29 August 2017

Lady Gaga: Live At Citi Field NYC

Last night Lady Gaga brought her Joanne World Tour to
Citi Field in New York for the first of two high energy shows.
During a ten minute digital countdown on the large screens 
that flanked the stage, dry ice smoke and pink lights slowly 
 filled the unseasonably chilly air. At 0:00, Gaga appeared atop
a large dais of metal framework fronted by a large video monitor.

Lady Gaga spent two hours performing a well-sequenced
set list of songs from all five of her albums, taking the time 
every so often to tell sentimental stories about growing up in 
NYC, her family, friends and mentors. Among those named
(and present) was Tony Bennett, who was given a shout out.
The ecstatic crowd only added to the joy she projected onstage.

Thank you Lady Gaga for ANOTHER great live show.
Thanks for your artistry, spirit and just plain being you.