05 July 2017

Strolls And Drives

June slid into July so smoothly.
We are deep in the summer season.

C'est ne pas un ciel... 
It was a René Magritte sky.

Farmstands are fully stocked.

Fallen trees get decorated with ferns...

This year's park brood is flourishing.
The young ones are getting larger by the day.

The roads feel open and the days are long.

As always, thrifting is in order...

Met some Instagram friends from L.A.
for lunch and it was a really fun time. It's
always great to find that people are just as
genuine in the real world as they are on screen.

Everybody's hungry 
but they're all well fed.

Found these shades in the park.
No, I didn't keep them. I left them for
another to discover or claim for their own.

This glorious beast still stands.
It never ceases to beguile me with its size.

It's a good year for roses.

Scott and I had our first summer splash.

His gardens continue to grow...

...And pop up storms surprise us.

Every so often, they leave 
something great in their wake.

Happy 72nd birthday to Debbie Harry...
See you in a few weeks. Looking forward to it!

Happy July 4th from The Montones
And, of course, my adopted brother Steve.

Oh... And Chancey too.

Can't wait to see what other surprises
the skies have in store for us this summer.