30 June 2017

U2 Live At Met Life Stadium (Night 2)

The second night of U2's two-night run at
Met Life Stadium did not disappoint in terms
of sound or energy level. If anything, the show
seemed to run on the momentum of the previous
night, going a bit further in terms of sonic punch.

On both nights, a giant tapestry printed with the 
passport photo of the woman who inspired the song
"Miss Sarajevo" was floated through the crowd.
It traveled a bit farther around the first tier than 
it had on the previous night before collapsing into
the hands of the masses. Thursday's crowd was even
more vocal and more physical than Wednesday's but
both audiences were equally game to light up the night.

After the show, as the stadium lights came up, Bono
said an extra thank you and goodnight to our section.
Pre-show, he had given us a big hello on the way in. 
I'm very glad I returned for a second night and even 
happier that Scott got to enjoy U2 live for the first time.