21 May 2017

Town & Country: Speeding Towards Summer

Streets, courtyards and gardens have
a little bit more life in them these days...

Dad, my buddy Steve and I 
helped wish Mom a great Mother's Day.
Oh, and of course Chancey was there too.

43 years into their career, 
Blondie released a fresh-sounding, 
largely upbeat new album called Pollinator.
It's been in heavy rotation in my house and car.

New York continues to be
what New York continues to be.
Back at work, another Senior Art Show
brought out friends, family and many alumni...

The day after, all was calm again...

Longer days means more time outside...

Flora and fauna in the park 
continue to flower and flourish.

Scott blew out 48 birthday candles
and Steve and I helped him celebrate.

A year and a day after meeting last year's 
Pleasant Valley Park goslings, three new peeps
emerged by the pond. Ma and Pa Goose let me get
very close, which leads me to believe that it's the 
same pair that reared their young here last year. 

In other news, things are starting
to wind down around the art studios...

Like everyone else around me, 
I think I'm just ready for summer.