29 May 2017

Ten Years On

On the 31st of May 2007 I started a blog
which started out as a way to share images.
Soon, this grew into three separate blogs which 
I later streamlined into one called ArtSkoolDamage.

I still get a lot of enjoyment out of sharing
images of my day to day life, movements, 
work in progress, finished artwork, pictures
of events I attend and things that fascinate me.

Blogging has served as a visual journal
and it has also connected me to others
 who share some of my cultural interests.

Thanks to EVERYONE who has been a part
of this, either by visiting quietly or reaching out.

The pictures, themes and journey continues...

Happy 60th Birthday Siouxsie!
Thank you for decades of great music
and an unforgettable face to face moment.

A day with Kristen and Steve 
is always effortlessly magical...

Aesthetic: Cult Leader

Bag 'em and tag 'em.

Route 22 gets me.

Lower East Side synagogue which tragically burned 
soon after I took these images from inside a taxi cab.

Pink dusk of Springtime.

A visit to Parsons, my alma mater.

Farewell, Sir Roger Moore. 
Mission Accomplished, 007... Cheers.

Blast from the analog past: 1981 Pac-Man game

A sweet tagline on a local truck.

Eric Fischl at The Whitney

Kathe Burkhart at The Whitney

Walter Robinson at The Whitney

Basquiat on a reappropriated Haring background.

Considering David Salle

Millenials at the Biennial

Skyliners on the West Side

More of my new friends from the park...

An evening with Gil and Kristin...
Laughs and great discussion. More, please!