01 April 2017

The Rite Of Spring

These first days of springtime
are transitional and often surprising.

Snow recedes and the 
reservoir is filled slowly...

Longer afternoons and fiery mornings.

The snow melts into waterfalls.
David Bowie is calmly watching it all
from high atop his perch in Jersey City.

Sterling Ruby and Andy Warhol are in
residence at the Calvin Klein Store in NYC...

A sweet Easter is on its way and 
Prince is now a "special interest"?

Old NYC marquee canopies and 
hanging light sculptures stay aloft...

Red sky slivers and red ink.

Tabletops are a mess
and Chancey could care less...

Took my folks to see Steve and Tracey 
in Rumors and they loved it. In other news, 
my living room turntable keeps spinning tunes...

Crayola is retiring the color "dandelion"
from its catalog. I've got the other colors covered.

My workplace continues to be 
its own purposeful, glorious mess.

More from my turntable...

Jockey Hollow still looks like fall
with last year's leaves scattered about.

Golden rays and "over it" days...

Isa Genzken and Alexander Calder
at the Museum Of Modern Art NYC...

Town and country: Early Spring 2017