09 April 2017

Color, Culture And Chaos

New York City continues to enjoy 
a nice thaw from winter into spring and
Times Square gets more and more packed...

I had a great time with my friend Andréa 
seeing our High School friend Gil Brady
in the crowd-pleasing comedy Shear Madness.

And yes, cellphones were allowed 
during the interactive intermission...

It's great to see people you admire doing well.
Even better when you can see their artistry firsthand. 

The emergence of spring 
is evident at home in the woods...

Pleasant Valley Park is once again
becoming a frequent place to walk and
enjoy the outdoors during the warmer days.
I can rely on it for three seasons of the year. 

Vibrant sunrises mean
longer walks in the city as well...

I strolled the West Village and 
checked out graffiti on Weehawken Street...

I photographed the 1970 Talia mural on West 3rd and Mercer
for the first time. I've been walking by it for decades and 
never thought to take a photo of it until now for some reason.

The Met, as always, never disappoints.
Here are some previously unpublished shots
from the Max Beckmann exhibit in February...

Below are some more recent shots of Greek 
and Roman sculpture and relief dating from 
200 BC to the 3rd century AD. These are pieces
that I never gave many close looks to over the years
as I was always walking past them to see something
else. I've made a point of spending more time on each
visit considering and photographing them. I've worked
the hues on each to give each piece its own color identity. 

In other news, I got a thrill 
when The Bette Davis Estate 
started following me on Twitter...

Pop culture continues to be a hot mess...

Vinyl continues to spin at my house
and Barry Manilow is now officially gay...

My workplace still brings the color and chaos...

I spotted the carpet pattern from The Shining
on wallpaper during season 3 episode 19 of Rhoda...

And as always, I keep rising early
to see what each morning has in store...

April showers. May flowers. All of that... Onward!