11 March 2017

Town & Country: Lions & Lambs

Sometimes I'm awake before the sun.

I pass the reservoir each day
and it's always brand new to me.

Central Park remains constant even
when so much around it changes dramatically.

Early mornings are spent on winding roads
and many hours each day are spent in a studio.

Most days, everything is a picture.

Sometimes I walk the city streets
and pictures open up before my eyes.

Sometimes I see pictures within pictures.

Sometimes the pictures are 
just pure stillness or very simple.

The quiet spaces can be extraordinary.

Town or country... everyday life.

The tacky stuff, as always,  
can be a lot of fun to behold.

But home is always home.

Sometimes you don't have to travel
too far to find something good to look at.

Here's to the bigger picture... every day.