19 March 2017

Gallery. Studio. Road. Stage.

I visited my alma mater and former workplace, 
Parsons School Of Design (New School) and saw
an exhibit by Richard Barnes and Amanda Krugliac
called State Of Exception. The exhibit contained an
installation of items left in the terrain at the border of 
the US and Mexico in the Sonora Desert of Arizona.

A walled off space with video projections of 
rocky terrain and discarded items laying in state
gives the visitor something of a wobbly, disoriented 
feeling as they step through it. The effect seems to
emulate the footsteps of migrants traveling on foot.

Late winter brought us a frozen 
blast of snow, ice and deep chill.

I still stand on the shoulders of giants
and follow in the footsteps of former students.

Things are still colorful and alive in the studio.

Town and country, things keep moving on.

I got to enjoy seeing my friends Steve
and Tracey in a wonderful adaptation of 
Neil Simon's Rumors at Somerset Valley.

Gotta love the quaint basement lounge...

The play included stunning set decoration.

And, of course, I got to have
some fun with the cast afterwards.

Canal Street gave me yet 
another picture in picture moment.

And, as always, there have been
great things to watch and listen to...

At work and on the roads to and from
home, spaces held their many moods...

Neither cloud nor clover was visible
on the chilly morning pictured above.

New York City skies and surfaces
carry their own textures and reflections.
The same holds true for its structures.

Another visit to The Met
means visiting with old favorites
and sometimes seeing them anew.

Here's to every great space we enter.