19 September 2015

Stickermania: The Black Hole (1979)

Stickers from the mammoth 1979 trading card set for Walt Disney's 
production of The Black Hole. Before gifs, YouTube, fan fiction, Blu-Ray, 
DVD or even VHS and Beta cassettes, the only way a kid could hold onto
or relive the experience of a much-loved film was through action figures,
trading cards, stickers, posters, lunch boxes or the occasional TV rebroadcast.

I have fond memories of going to see this movie with my dad as a six year
old in Staten Island (and yes, it's in my DVD collection). I recently scored the 
full set of 88 trading cards and 22 stickers on eBay and was immediately 
brought back to the excitement of the film, which included the frightening
proposition of being sucked into a massive, lightless space vacuum.

While browsing other items from the movie, I saw several sealed
boxes of wax packs of Black Hole trading cards with excellent graphics... 
I may have to see about adding one of those to my card and sticker collection.