14 July 2011

Archive: "Too Much Information" Pop Collage Book (1995)

I can pretty much trace the "picture in picture" format that would later overtake my fine art collages and paintings back to this era.  These are pages from a 1995 collage project I did (shortly after graduating from Parsons) called "Too Much Information".  Years before I had my first iMac, digital camera or scanner, I used to make very analog screen grabs by photographing moving and/or paused music videos, bootleg concert videos and official VHS tapes straight from the TV.  

Now, remember... Every time I clicked the shutter, I was essentially spending money.  
I would click on an image that I really liked multiple times, doing a lot of guesswork as to exposure, clarity and sharpness.  I would (when doing a project like this) shoot two or three rolls of 35MM color film in the hopes that double prints from the local 24 hour photo service would provide me with enough material for a book.

  Sometimes I would gift these books to friends and other times I would color copy the sliced and assembled results to bind a small edition of a book.  Leftovers from these creative exploits also made GREAT inlay cards for mix tapes.