06 July 2011

Archive: "72nd & B'way" (1998)

"72nd & B'way" (1998)
Diptych: 2 Panels, each approx. 11 x 17 inches.
Water soluble crayon on collaged paper on board.


Created in the downstairs studio in Brooklyn shortly after spending a chilly Saturday doing reportage sketches alone, seated upon a bench at the triangle park which sits at the juncture of 72nd street and Broadway (near the Ansonia and the 1-2-3-9 Subway).  I recall being bundled in a coat with my sketchbook and backpack on my lap while my Sony Discman (remember those?) auto-repeated Mono's "Life In Mono" CD.  I can't look at this piece without hearing that particular album and feeling just a fraction of the chill brought in by the wind off the (not so far away) Hudson River.