07 May 2020

Coronacation (Part Four)

Evening Light On A Red Wall

I'm spending a good amount of time with the
collections but the season and circumstances 
have allowed me more time outside.

A Newly Discovered Forgotten Gem... 
Cher • 3614 Jackson Highway (1969) 

 I recently happened upon this wonderful album by
 accident (and as we know there are no accidents). 
This 2017 purple vinyl mono / stereo 2 LP remaster 
(and attendant download) of this all but forgotten 
1969 album has been a revelation to me. Hearing 
Cher perform a set of covers that are now lauded 
as rock and pop classics with The Muscle Shoals 
Rhythm Section bears witness to her vocal gifts 
and the deep musical insight that sometimes gets 
eclipsed by her other work from the six decades 
of her unparalleled career. Friends, do yourselves 
a favor and seek out either the digital or vinyl reissue of 
 this wonderful rock artifact. You won’t be disappointed!

Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbook: A Drawing And A Message 

In early March, the message written in the lower right 
came to me as I was mounting papers to draw on so I 
wrote it down: “Run the clock out and just do your thing. 
Don’t rush. Step back. Don’t stress. Let good things happen.” 
Wise words from Spirit. Though I knew something
 large and sweeping was afoot, I had no idea how 
prophetic that statement would prove. On the lower
 left is another such note which says “ask your guides”. 
Guidance is never very far away. This too shall pass, 
my friends. Let’s all stay illuminated as events run their course.

Sketchbook: Parting Glance 

Having just received official word that we will not be 
returning to school for the rest of the year I’m sharing
 the last image I sketched in my classroom before
 we left: Another student built cardboard sculpture
 rendered in watercolor and colored pencil. 
Again, I’m glad I created these visual documents
 of The Year That Wasn’t. As I’d predicted would 
eventually happen back in March, it’s 
going to be all digital for the next seven weeks. 

At Home

Happy Birthday Dad!

Turntable Tunes:
Living Strings. The National.
Joni Mitchell. The Flaming Lips. 

A recent late 1960s eBay score:
Venus Paradise Color By Numbers Sets

That thing where there’s a knock at the door and your
 Dad surprises you with fresh hot pizza from Cafe 
Figaro and MAKES YOUR DAMN DAY. Thanks Dad!

Pandemic, but make it fashion. 
Huge thanks to my friend Steve for ANOTHER cool mask.
Lemurs are everything and Shop Rite has toilet paper.

Florian Schneider 1947 - 2020
Founding Member Of Kraftwerk 

If you love Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk,
Cut Copy, Pet Shop Boys, CHVRCHES, Duran Duran, The Orb,
Crystal Castles, Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Chemical Brothers,
New Order, OMD, NIN, Meat Beat Manifesto, Air, Orbital,
Massive Attack, Eurythmics, Portishead, Autechre, M83,
Röyksopp or Björk, just know that NONE of that music
would be possible without the sound innovations that
Mr. Schneider and his band mates developed.
Thank you for all that you created and inspired

others to create. Musique Non Stop.

Patio: Big Bug & Grandfather’s Rosary

Scott says "Hello!"

I've visited the park 6 times
in the last 6 days it's been reopened.
I can't tell you how happy this makes me. 

The look on my face is the result of having a part of my
 heart handed back to me. I can’t count the hours I’ve 
spent or the number of photos I’ve taken here over the
 last few decades. If you know me, you know that this
 place isn’t just a walk in the park for me. The value this
 place holds for me is incalculable. Let’s hope the parks
 can continue to stay reopened as we come into summer and
  let’s respect and protect our public spaces and one another.

Whoever put this here... THANK YOU! 

My first park visit of Spring held one last surprise 
for me as I was about to leave the park. I spotted
 my beautiful friend the blue heron perched above
 the creek and he let me get within a safe distance
 for a nice long first glimpse of the season. I’ve
 always felt the blue heron was my spirit animal 
and having looked up its significance as an animal 
totem, it makes perfect sense: According to North
 American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings 
messages of self-determination and self-reliance. 
It represents an ability to progress and evolve.
 The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an
 individual doesn't need great massive pillars 
to remain stable, but must be able to stand on 
one's own. Thanks for being one of my many
 guides, Mr. Heron. It’s good to be with you again.

Spirit said "Take my picture" so I did... Again. 

To Whoever Lives Here... Thank You!