19 May 2019

May Brings Spring Things And Patti LuPone Sings

Everything explodes into color.
Visited the building my parents and I lived
in (Willowbrook Rd.) from 1973 - 1972.
Underclassman and Senior Art Show.
Mother's Day. Family. Flea Markets. Historic
Richmondtown. Yes, those are coffins in a closet.
They're from a funeral parlor (not exhumed).
Doris Day leaves us with a great legacy at
the age of 97. The Cure's Disintegration LP 
turns 30. Patti LuPone has a 70th birthday
performance at Lincoln Center. A sweet, kind
record store guy passes away after 40 years of
service at Majors Records. Godspeed, sir.