08 October 2018

Vibrant, Not Silent

I think my favorite word is "color".

Urban legends never die.

FIT - Fashion Unraveled Exhibit:

Upcycled Feed Sack Dress (1930s)  
Lawrence Scott Feed Sack Suit (1990s)

A Depression-Era Men’s Robe (1935)  
That Was Cut From A Patchwork Quilt (1883)

Betsey Johnson Jumpsuit Made From 
Her Then Husband John Cale’s Shirts (1966) and 
XULY.Bët Lamine Kouyaté Dress - Upcycled Thrift (1994)

Out with the gang for a second 
visit to Smokey Joe's Cafe... Fantastic!

Love notes / hate mail

Daily thoughts

When Bowie fans scribble on desks

When Janelle Monáe likes your post

When Vanessa introduces my friend
Steve and I to yet another new friend

Sometimes there are just
TOO many records and tapes.

The last days of a beloved flea market...

Flip Phone Lady is my spirit animal.

The very last Zern's mirror shot.
Steve and I are really going to miss this place.

RIP Zern's. You will be missed.
That goes double for the barber shop...

There are, of course, other cool spots...

We ARE NOT having 
ice cream for dinner... YOU ARE.

"Hey, Montone... Can I paint this?
I'm gonna call it Chicken Seizure Salad!"

No, Mister “President”... Action IS needed. 
There IS an emergency and this is NOT a test. 
You’re a disgrace. Did you get THAT alert message?

"Montone, you're so old 
you're the ORIGINAL Millenial!"

Because Lady Gaga

Huge thanks for Weird NJ magazine 
for including me in their publication again!

Kelly models a Steve Sizer couture gown.

When I'm at a seminar and they
let me make my own name tag.

Today is ALWAYS yours (and mine).