06 May 2018

Vintage Roulette: Records, Books & Beyond

1975 Goodyear Blimp Model.
I had one of these as a kid and I was
lucky enough to find another sealed in box.

Flea Market Score:
1972 Fisher Price School Days Desk.
This is another item I had as a young child.

1960s Suzy Homemaker Oven.
There was one of these in my grandparents' 
basement. It had belonged to my Aunt Susan
(who also had the matching sink and dishwasher set).
I snagged this colorful gem at my friend Vanessa's shop.

Another recent addition to my vintage crayon collection.
Whitman products had some of the best graphics of the 1960s.

Plus One by Milton Bradley (1980).
This is another game I had as a kid and 
found on eBay. At the time, electronic board
games seemed very sophisticated and futuristic.

Also from my friend Vanessa's shop, these
two ceramic friends now live in my living room.

Maniac: A four dollar thrift shop score from 1979.

1979 Fisher Price Alpha Probe.
Another item I had as a kid and was 
able to add to my collection via eBay.

Below is a sweet piece of gravel art kitsch
that cost 50 cents and now hangs in my kitchen.