02 April 2018

Town & Country: Spring Approaches

Studio time in full spring color

Every time it melts
The snow arrives again

Turntable moments - old and new

When Tracey Thorn likes your tweet
and Sergio Mendes follows you on IG

Uptown / Downtown NYC

Central Park in the Spring thaw

Happy 10th birthday to this box of Peeps
that's been living in my fridge since 2008

Easter with all the usual peeps

As always, my buddy Steve 
is my parents' favorite child.

I'd say Chancey is a close second.

As always, Chancey rules my parents' roost.

Facepalm moment:
"Montone, What's a landscape?"

And visits from beloved alumni

March For Our Lives - New York City

IHOP on St. Patrick's Day
instead of a bar... Highly preferable

Theatre fun with good friends

A visit to the Whitney to see
Grant Wood's "American Gothic"

Installations by Zoe Leonard

I've never seen Kerbs Boathouse Pond
fully dredged before... It was quite a sight.

William Eggleston at The Met:
The master of color photography.
Seeing these works in person was phenomenal.

"Hey, Montone... Can we borrow
$550 for a deposit on a beach house?"

Only buying the essentials

Bringing it back to 1975

And further back in time on my turntable

Will the snow EVER be gone?

Full moon fever. 
Come on, Spring... You can do this.