11 March 2018

Lions, Lambs & Laughs

March has done a number on us so far.
It's definitely been exciting, if not strange.

Vanessa, Myself and Steve
with some new ceramic friends I made

50 cent gravel art from a flea market

Vanessa's shop in Stroudsburg, PA

Still aglow in the cold night air

Because I needed more records...

The BonTon is going out of business
and everything must go, including the mannequins

Ghost of a Howard Johnson's

Stroudsburg, PA street art


Gotta love the classics

I face palm daily at work.

I can't resist good lighting

...or neon.

My favorite floor

My buddy Steve says hello.

It snowed and then it melted...

I face palm / cringed when some kid
said "Hey, Montone... Who's Madonna?"

This is how you blizzard.

...and finally, RIP to my 160 GB
2009 iPod Classic (with click wheel).
Thanks for all the walks and drives.
I'm sure that you've gone to a better place.