21 December 2017

Looking Back On 2017: The Whitney Biennial

Aliza Nisenbaum - La Talaverita, Sunday Morning NY Times

This was one of many pieces of work that I enjoyed at the 2017
Whitney Biennial Exhibit, which showcased recent works by
contemporary painters, sculptors, video and installation artists. 

Puppies Puppies - Liberte

Henry Taylor - Ancestors Of Genghis Khan
With Black Man On Horse (details below)

Jessi Reaves - 
Modified Wall Shelf With Racing Purse

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - 
It's A Sports Bar But It Used To Be A Gay Bar

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - Veteran's Day

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - Trump Rally
(And Some Of Them I Assume Are Good People)

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - NADCP

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - St. Tammany Parish

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - Closing Party (Hit The North)

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer - 
Fall With Me For A Million Days

Henry Taylor - The 4th (also below)

Henry Taylor - 
The Times Thay Ain't A Changing Fast Enough

Henry Taylor - A Happy Day For Us (detail below)

Kaari Upson - In Search Of The Perfect Double

Dana Schultz - Elevator 

Dana Schultz - Shame

Jon Kessler - Exodus

Julien Nguyen - Executive Function

Julien Nguyen - Executive Solutions

Pope.L aka William Pope.L - Claim (details below)

Carrie Moyer - Candy Cap

Couple looking at 
Belle Isle by Carrie Moyer

Aliza Nisenbaum - Latin Runner's Club

John Riepenhoff - Handler

Jessi Reaves - Body Sized Shelf With Zippers

Jon Kessler - Evolution (another detail below)

Away Kurian - Childermass 

Zahrouie Abdalian - Chanson Du Ricochet

As seen from the street (below)

Kaya - Serene (details below)

Kaya - Guernsey (details below)

Asad Raza - Root Sequence (details below)

Samara Golden - 
The Meat Grinder's Iron Clothes 
(details below)

Raúl de Nieves Installation (details below)

Lyle Ashton Harris - Once (Now) Again

Though I visited the Whitney Biennial a few times, 
I was very glad to view it for the first time with my friend 
Kristen. To say we were amazed by the broad, rich scope
of work the Whitney curated would be an understatement.
It was part of a great day that left many lasting impressions.