28 October 2017

Town & Country: Rebooted And Recapped

It's been 49 days since my last post.
Computer failure: hard drive malfunction.
All is up and running again. In the interim
I have definitely not been stagnant or silent.

The leaves were still green and 
Cracker Barrel was decorated for Christmas...

Summer greens shifted once again into 
autumn reds, yellows and oranges as they do.

My buddy Steve remains stylish as ever.

Matthew the barber never disappoints
in terms of good conversation or haircuts.

Family fun (both human and animal) persists.

My workplace continues to be colorful and bright.

Alumni visits are always a nice surprise.

Summer green slips away.
Thistle is replaced by goldenrod.
Mornings and late afternoons still shed their 
specific brand of warm light as the season shifts.

Records... Always records.

New York, and especially Times
Square, continues to be what it is...
or just more of what it's becoming.

The long shadows come a bit sooner.

The moon stays to greet the sun.

Sunrise and sunset are a little bit closer together.

Out come the pumpkins and mums.

The Fairmount Park statuary
continues to puzzle and intrigue me 
as it stands tall and proud in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, flea markets and thrift
shops continue to be theatre of the absurd...

Town or country, I always
find something fun  to look at.

There's always plenty to see at home (or close by)...

Summer leftovers stick around for fall.

Some floors are as interesting as walls...

Blondie mural by Shepard Fairey
on Bleecker Street at Bowery NYC.

I'm still finding treasures
and having fun with good folks.

I had the good fortune to see three
performances of Disaster! at Somerset
Valley Playhouse. My friends Steve and 
Tracey were hilarious (as was the cast) and
it was fun to share it with friends and family.

Screens, fences and street fairs...

San Genarro time again in
Manhattan. Meanwhile in Queens...

My "backyard" of New Jersey, 
New York and Pennsylvania remains
kaleidoscopic, entertaining and engaging...

Sometimes I can't tell if I'm at work or play.

It's good to be back on the blog, folks.
I hope you have all been having fun and eating well.