21 February 2017

Balmy With A Side Of Beckmann

Unseasonably warm weather...
A good reason to take a long stroll up to
 The Met to see the Max Beckmann exhibit.

Beckmann did not disappoint...
Neither did the crowds gathered 
in every conceivable outdoor space.

The Met steps continue to be what they always are.
The Highline, being narrow, was especially packed.

Longer days, longer shadows.
Lingering sunsets in both town and country.

While on The High Line I happened upon the 
Zoe Leonard poem "I Want A Dyke For President".

In both the East Village and Chelsea
I happened upon different types of painted walls.
The following is a Chelsea Mural by Dasic Fernandez.

I happened upon a "Funeral For The 
Presidency" in Washington Square Park.

While there I talked to David Johansen of 
The New York Dolls and ran into my friend Gio.

The Anti-Trump vibe was everywhere.

Back at home, things continue
to be more calm and very colorful...

Spring is getting closer... I can feel it.