19 December 2016

Short Days. Long Nights. Bright Lights.

You wake up one day and
everything is frosted and iced.

Freshly cut trees await living rooms and lights.

Old friends gather and make friends
with Bumbles (both furry and inflatable).

Pat Benatar finds her G-spot.

Bears find places to hibernate.

The fox meets the seahorses 
and hobby horses break through walls...

Sketchbooks get rounded out
with pages of portrait studies and 
Steve's house looks better than ever...

Headlines do what they do
and some things stay classic...

Vintage only manages
to get more and more vintage
as time progresses...

The digital Grumpy Cat entity
isn't amused by Dominick The Donkey
but it's okay because I've got Beyoncé bucks.

Work continues to be what it is...
And the first Blondie LP turns 40.

Huge thanks to Kelly & Jim for the gifts...
This one is essentially a 1960s Keane-style "big eyes" 
painting of me as a young boy... Big Bird sold separately.

This one is a 1960s tabletop item...
A ceramic planter with a record-loving
teeny bopper next to his beloved turntable.
You guys know me very well, don't you?

Once again, many thanks.
I will cherish having this in my home.

Snap, Crackle and Pop meet The Visible Man...

The sun rises fore
while the moon falls aft.

Roadsides both classic and common await.

Rivers run green beneath
red leaves and melting snow...

And (for now) the mighty oak
stands for another Christmas season...

Its days are as numbered
as the ice on the lake is thin...

Nature continues to keep time for us
and keeps us all in check, day and night.

Short days. Long nights. Bright lights.