05 November 2016

Trash, Treasure & Travels

My buddy Steve and I saw one of our favorite (now retired)
vintage vendors on a recent trip to Wind Gap Flea Market.
It's always great to see the kind gentleman we call "Nice John".

I snagged a sweet spiral record carrier for 10 bucks!

Another vendor I often buy from started an 
excellent system for the storage of 45 RPM records.

Story of my life, kids... Read all about it.

Friends and colleagues...
I'd like to announce the next phase
of my career as an educator. Sign up now!

Zerns was extra creepy this Halloween.

Other spots were just sweetly entertaining...

I spotted a calendar page turned to my birth month.

I moved back and forth between the 
everyday moments and the quietly pastoral.

I saw a lot of magic within the mess...

I saw some amazingly ordered spaces as well...

I saw toys, games and metal frames...

I saw barns and buggies and babies...

I also saw white male paranoia manifested as hate.

Can I get yo numba? #Pantone that is...

I scored a Creem magazine from my birth month.

I commented on one of Roisin Murphy's photos
with one of her lyrics and she gave me a coveted "like".

I was visited by a former student named Cameron
whose daughter Harper reached for me when he entered.
It was the first time I held the child of a former student and 
ended up being a very special moment during a busy week.

I saw young trees that are thriving
and old oaks that are about to come down...

Rest In Peace, Basking Ridge Oak Tree.

I saw and did a lot over this past week...
Most of it was beautiful. Here's wishing you the same.