12 May 2016

Town & Country - Magic In May

The Spring of 2016 continues to be filled with magic.
Last week I attended my 25th High School Reunion and 
had a great time enjoying the company of my former classmates.

The entire event was filled with laughter and camaraderie
and the overall vibe was relaxed. I was reminded many times over
that people evolve but their essence doesn't change. Basically, the 
things you liked about a person many years ago will always be present
no matter how old you (or they) are... and that's a comforting thought.

Several of us closed the place down in the lobby after hours.
It's amazing how a group so diverse in outlook, personal tastes, 
career choices and life experience can come together in the nicest way
and enjoy one another's company for hours on end. As the night progressed,
I realized that the theme of the event (for me, at least) wasn't so much nostalgic
 as it was about seeing where each person is in their lives at the current moment. 

The next day, my buddy Steve joined me in surprising my parents
with a Mother's Day Bruch at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC.

The brunch included an excellent performance of 
Alison Arngrim's hilarious one-woman show entitled
Confessions Of A Prairie Bitch, which I'd seen in 2011.

Ms. Arngrim, most famous for her portrayal of 
Nellie Oleson on Little House On The Prairie, treated us
to a two-hour multimedia performance pulled from her 
stunning memoir of 1970s and 80s television stardom and the
unique, quirky and confounding legacy that her character has left.

As she does at all of her shows, Alison chatted and signed
merchandise and memorabilia for all of us. I'm always happy
to see her and am especially grateful to her for helping me treat 
my parents to a fantastic Mother's Day of laughs. Thanks, Alison!

No Mother's Day would be complete without one channel or another
showing Mommie Dearest. IFC decided to run it for twenty-four hours.

New York City continues to awaken in layers
as Springtime moves towards the Summer months.

Some urban spaces get cleared for new building.
Suburban ones get scrubbed down for a season of leisure.

Everything is indeed alive... and very well. 

Summer is laying in wait... in about 39 more sunsets.