17 December 2015

Stickermania: Three's Company (1978)

Excerpts from yet another sticker set from the 1970s.
This one is for the wildly campy sitcom Three's Company.

I find this piece of merchandising as odd as I found the trading card
  and sticker set for the film Saturday Night Fever, mainly because both 
pieces of filmed entertainment were geared toward adults and contained 
a great deal of sexual humor. This doesn't match the target market for 
stickers, whose collectors (at that time) seemed to be pre-teens and teens.

Regardless, based on the much higher number of cards depicting Chrissy than 
there are depicting Janet, it's safe to say that Suzanne Sommers was not only
the "jewel in the crown" star of the TV show, but also the star of the sticker set.