20 December 2014

Flea Market Swag

A 1940s pencil box.

A 1940s soda bottle (seen here in between scrubbings and soakings)...

A 1959 candy tin (that was full of wooden checkers and dice)...

Two kitsch-tastic 1960s candle making kits, fully intact...

A 1960s Gerber Baby Food model train car.

This beautifully preserved labeled jar.
What exactly is "imitation peanut butter" anyway?

A most unappetizing but funny 1970s cheese candle making kit… Also fully intact.

A 1974 Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson LP.

The luxurious sounds of Roxy Music's 1973 For Your Pleasure on vinyl.

…And last but not least, the joyful noise that Stevie Wonder made in 1974.
This entire score was scooped up and taken home for approximately 15 dollars.